About Our Rings

2.5 " Aluminium Rings

Thickness - 1/4 inch

Suitable for light to medium weight fabrics. I.E Linen,Linen Mix,Cotton etc.

Available in a variety of colours - See Shop


3 " Aluminium Rings

Thickness - 1/4 inch

Suitable for thicker or extra wide fabrics,also double layer lighter fabrics.


 Shades may vary slightly from batch to batch,but a matching pair will always be sent :)If you are unsure of a shade,you may request a photo of the latest batch of the colour you require.


 2" Aluminium Rings

Suitable for onbuhimos and closed tailed slings.(Closed tailed slings sometimes have a clip rather than rings )


Tested (by SGS)to a breaking force of 2750lbs (The required test is 220lbs) Lead and Nickel Free (Non toxic). Weld free specially manufactured for baby slings - Beautifully finished - smooth.Anything that is welded will have a weakest point,and can also weaken the fabric,as the weld is not smooth.

Bracket Marks on Inner side of Rings -

This is almost unavoidable,particularly with the shiny rings.

If they are large and particularly with the shiny darker rings,leave a white mark.Then they will be classed as seconds. Tiny bracket marks will still be classed as 1st grade.If this is not accepted, then it will become impossible for us to continue with the shiny rings.These tiny marks will have no impact on the usage,and definitely will not show while in use.

If tiny marks on the inner side of the rings bothers you,then please go for the matte rings,where it is more unlikely to happen.




The safety Certificates are available to view upon request.


Different batches can vary a little.I try hard to update photos of the various shades,but anyone concerned with the exact shade,can ask for a photo of the actual rings they will get.We try to be consistent,but it is not always possible.